Flatulance: Mobile Artwork, Conversation Pieces, Text

gie: VILA, LARA,

Infocommunicative Processes:
Co-text 25.11.15, 19:00-22:00 /
In Our Time

of Antas, Saudade and
tracing the hours

JHVH: Demonstrative Component

Wallpaper Numina & Etyma







Detail from Language Event booklet

Detail from Language Event booklet
Blind contour drawing of Hebrew script

Details from Language Event booklet
Dialogue between mother and son

Language Event A5 booklets

Audio sample from performance;
Dialogue in altered, distorted Modern Hebrew 

JHVH: Demonstrative Component

Performance; ca. 5 min

As part of a more extensive performance-event / lecture performance, JHVH: Demonstrative Component took place as a short performance at the beginning of the event.

A few participants are seated at a table. A5-sized booklets are distributed and the speaker draws attention to the front cover on which the paleo-Hebrew equivalent of the letters 'JHVH' appears along with an abstract background image that was produced through sound visualization. A subtitle reads: "GENESTALGIA in LYRICAL ETYMA: A Multimodal Language Event." The booklet's page order is arranged from right to left.

The speaker withdraws an old, black mobile phone from his pocket. A number is dialed and it is placed on the table. The phone is on loudspeaker: The international call lingers. A rehearsed female voice answers the call in broken, conjectural Modern Hebrew. The speaker answers his mother in a similar fashion. The dialogue proceeds until the speaker's mother is thanked and the call is ended.

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